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New Jersey man resists arrest, faces more charges

New Jersey man resists arrest, faces more charges

When police knock on your door, what do you do? Many people would simply answer the door and talk with the authorities. However, some people handle things in a way that might present more charges against them and are in need of defending criminal charges. This is what happened when one New Jersey man was arrested after police came to his home with a warrant.

Police allege the man didn't willingly go with police and submit to the arrest. He was taken into custody and charged with simple assault, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest, in addition to the original warrant.

Sometimes authorities can add charges when they feel a suspect is not cooperating. When someone is arrested, is it their responsibility to just go with police? It is extremely important that you understand your rights if you are ever arrested. There are things you should not do or say to the police because your actions while you are in custody are being watched by everyone around you.

Those actions and words might make your case harder to defend and present more evidence for more charges by the authorities. Some police may use tactics to get you to present them with evidence that you don't have to give them. You may want to consult with a criminal defense attorney before talking to police. A good attorney can help you understand your rights and make sure you are treated fairly and with respect throughout the legal process.

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