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New Jersey bus driver arrested for allegedly drinking and driving

New Jersey bus driver arrested for allegedly drinking and driving

We've seen a number of different consequences and penalties that drivers can face if charged with drunk driving. Sentences can often include a license suspension, jail time and even paying fines. But the impact of a DUI charge can seep into a driver's personal and professional life as well.

A New Jersey school bus driver may have her license suspended after she allegedly was intoxicated behind the wheel. According to local police, she had been driving the school bus in the afternoon when she drifted off the road and crashed into a tree.

Though no children had been on the bus at the time, police still arrested her and likely tried to figure out what happened.

The bus driver's account of what happened differs from what police suspect happen. According to the driver, she had dropped something and reached to pick it up off the floor. That momentary distraction is what she argues caused her to lose control of the bus.

However police believe that she was intoxicated at the time of the crash. At this point it is unclear how police determined that she had been drinking and driving. Had she been administered a Breathalyzer?

Following the accident, the bus driver was transported to a nearby hospital. She sustained several injuries but is expected to recover. It is possible that a blood test administered at the hospital showed her blood-alcohol level was higher than the state's legal limit.

There is no information regarding what specific penalties she is facing if she is convicted of the charge. But even so, the bus driver should take steps to protect her rights as well as her future by speaking with someone who can help her mount a defense to address the charges.

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