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Child pornography arrests sweep New Jersey

Child pornography arrests sweep New Jersey

Some charges are particularly serious. Sex crimes that involve children, such as possession of child pornography in New Jersey, is a crime that has very serious penalties, and accusations of such crimes should be taken very serious. When someone is accused of this type of crime, the repercussions of the accusation in their home and professional lives can be felt almost immediately, even if the person hasn't had a chance to a fair trial.

Today, they state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa announced a mass arrest of 27 New Jersey residents on allegations of child pornography. One of the people arrested was a public official. When police do a mass arrest, they quickly gain media attention of the accusations, and the public automatically forms an opinion of the people arrested, making it tougher for people to defend themselves.

It is important that people who are arrested understand their rights before they speak with police or investigators. If authorities violate the rights of the accused during the course of the investigation or trial, sometimes charges may be dropped or reduced. If proper warrants are not used when searching personal property, the investigators may be outside of their lawful bounds.

Those who are accused of a crime in New Jersey, including possession of child pornography, might be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney. They can help you formulate a solid legal defense and explain how the legal process works. Having a clear picture of your rights is an important step in ensuring you receive a fair trial.

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