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Man arrested in New Jersey for allegedly defrauding brain injury patients

Man arrested in New Jersey for allegedly defrauding brain injury patients

When people think of fraud, they often think of it as associated with executives that may have defrauded their company. In fact, an accusation of fraud can be directed toward virtually anyone. One New Jersey man, who worked with patients with brain injuries, was recently accused of fraud for stealing the patients' identities and filing tax returns in their names. These charges are very serious, and just the accusation may ruin the man's reputation.

It is important that all accusations are thoroughly investigated. The man in this case could face very serious penalties if he is convicted. The man entered a not guilty plea, and he should have the right to a fair trial.

Many times when news stories about accusations of fraud by a caretaker surface, the public automatically assumes that the person is guilty. This might make it difficult for that person to receive a fair trial.

In this New Jersey fraud case, the severity is even more increased because of the number of people he is accused of defrauding and the amount of money. It is important that investigators collect evidence according to proper procedures and the law. This will ensure that the person isn't facing charges using evidence that might not have been properly handled.

A criminal defense attorney can help a person accused of identity theft pursue a rigorous defense. They can help conduct an independent investigation and gather witnesses that support the person's innocence, and make sure that the accused person's rights haven't been violated throughout the investigation.

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