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Football player arrested after alleged New Jersey assault

Football player arrested after alleged New Jersey assault

Sometimes people who have a public presence are arrested and charged with a crime. These accusations can be for extremely serious or seemingly minor. No matter what the accusation is, people who might be in the public eye can find themselves needing to defend even a minor charge in order to save their reputation. Although an accusation can land the person's name in a newspaper and online, clearing the person's name from wrongdoing can help mend the damage from an accusation.

A Rutgers football player, who had been suspended for the first few games of this season was arrested and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. It isn't clear how the case will proceed, but the player has already had his name published regarding the accusations. When a person is publicly accused of a crime, they may need to defend the charges and their reputation.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person form a rigorous criminal defense, no matter the charges they face. Sometimes the charges can lead to a lengthy jail sentence, while other times they may result in a minor fine if the person is convicted. No matter what the punishment might be for a conviction, most accusations of crimes come with a stigma attached.

People might look at that person differently, or doubt their innocence. By researching the facts in the case and ensuring the accused person's rights, a New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help a person protect and defend their reputation.

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