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Man indicted in New Jersey for suspected drunk driving crash, death

Man indicted in New Jersey for suspected drunk driving crash, death

A man has been indicted for a traffic accident that resulted in the death of a 9-year-old boy last April. The New Jersey resident was charged with numerous counts related to the accident after allegedly drunk driving. The counts include aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

These charges are extremely serious, and will likely require a solid criminal defense. The prosecutors say the man rear-ended a car, which went into oncoming traffic and was struck by another car. Two other people were injured in the accident.

Accusations of drunk driving are serious on their owned. Coupled with charges of vehicular homicide and they become even more serious and penalties for conviction are more severe. Many times when drunk driving accidents cause injury or death they gain a lot of media attention.

The media will often use police reports to determine what happened, and usually don't include the side of the story of the accused person. Seeking out the help of an experience New Jersey attorney might be a wise decision for those facing drunk driving charges or accusations. They can help determine the best way to defend against the charges and work to ensure the accused are treated fairly.

If a person is convicted, an attorney might be able to help keep the sentencing from being more than normal, or even help negotiate an alternative penalty. Serious charges can damage a person's reputation and future even if they aren't convicted. A rigorous criminal defense can help protect the future of those accused of a crime.

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