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New Jersey man charged with numerous sex crimes after online meeting

New Jersey man charged with numerous sex crimes after online meeting

A New Jersey man faces very serious accusations this week after being arrested for sex trafficking and child pornography. The man faces charges of sex trafficking of a minor, productions and possession of child pornography, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and possession of a firearm to further a crime of violence.

These charges are extremely serious and the fact that they involve a child mean they need to be approached with caution. Just for two of the New Jersey sex crime charges the man could be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years-to-life in prison for one crime and 15-to-30 years for another, if he is convicted. The long sentences associated with conviction highlight how serious these charges can be.

Investigators say the man met the girl online through a social networking site, and when the girl ran away from home, she started working for him as a prostitute. Police say they found money on the man and a handgun in his car.

No matter what evidence is presented by investigators for alleged New Jersey sex crimes, it is important that they obtain the evidence legally, and they treat the accused with respect to their rights under the constitution. Sometimes police deviate from the authority within the law when they become overly passionate about a certain case. It is important to remember that certain rights are guaranteed under law, and if law enforcement violates those rights through the course of their investigation, the evidence obtained might be thrown out.

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