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Four men arrested in New Jersey for allegedly attempting drug deal

Four men arrested in New Jersey for allegedly attempting drug deal

Police say they have foiled a drug deal and arrested four men they believe were involved. According to New Jersey police, the men were charged with drug crimes as well as eluding arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle and weapons charges. Authorities say they stopped a drug deal after police saw occupants from a Mercedes meet with two men in a Toyota.

These crimes are especially serious and it might be wise for someone facing these charges to speak with a criminal defense attorney who can help them formulate a solid defense. When someone faces both drug charges and weapons charges, they could see an increased penalty if they are convicted. These charges may also make it difficult for someone to obtain employment and housing in the future.

Many times, when a person who is convicted of these crimes can't find housing or work, they aren't able to restart their lives after completing their sentence. That is why it is important that those who are charged with crimes speak with an attorney who has experience handling New Jersey drug crime charges.

Police in this case say the men were all in their 20s. This means they have a long life ahead of them where they will need to find employment and drug crime convictions may make that more difficult, especially with high unemployment numbers across the country. An attorney can help evaluate evidence and make sure the accused person's rights aren't violated at any point in the legal process.

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