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New Jersey drunk driving bill pulled from consideration

New Jersey drunk driving bill pulled from consideration

Drunk driving is a serious criminal law matter. Many people face drunk driving charges in New Jersey every year, and the consequences of a conviction can have long-lasting effects. These convictions can affect a person's work and social life. A one-time mistake of drunk driving can cost a person financially, professionally and in many other aspects of their life.

A bill that was to make penalties tougher on first-time DUI offenders was pulled from consideration this week in the New Jersey legislature. The bill sponsor said it needs more work before it can be considered fully effective if it becomes law. New Jersey already has strict drunk driving laws, and implementing a new law might make it even harder for those convicted of DUI to get their lives back on track after the incident.

The bill that was pulled would have forced those convicted of a first-offense DUI to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. This could have lead to more fees for a person convicted of drunk driving in New Jersey. Although the bill would have reduced fines and license suspension periods, it likely would have included fees to lease an ignition interlock device.

If a person's career is dependent on a vehicle, having a DUI conviction can hurt their career or possibly result in them being fired. Because of the consequences associated with a DUI conviction it might be wise to formulate a rigorous criminal defense. An experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney might be able to help those facing DUI charges.

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