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String of credit card charges leads to New Jersey fraud investigation

String of credit card charges leads to New Jersey fraud investigation

Sometimes people's credit card information is compromised. It can often take a long time to figure out what happened, especially if the person hasn't lost their actual card. Multiple reports of credit card fraud in New Jersey are prompting the U.S. Secret Service to investigate. While it isn't clear whether any one person is the target of this investigation, it could be far reaching.

People who are accused of credit card fraud should make sure they understand their rights. If an investigation such as this leads to the arrest of one person, they may face multiple counts of fraud. When a fraud investigation involves many different government agencies and many different accusations, details can get confusing and hard to follow.

A criminal defense attorney can help those who are accused of crimes understand their rights. The can also help subjects of a New Jersey credit card fraud investigation work through all the evidence and formulate a rigorous criminal defense. Mistakes do happen in investigations, and with many different variables, one small mistake might lead authorities to prosecute an innocent person.

Even if authorities make an arrest and don't charge someone, they might just say they want to talk to them. This might be used to gather further evidence and information against that person, so it is important that people who might become suspects of a crime understand their rights. Speaking with an attorney before speaking with investigators might be a wise decision for someone facing charges of fraud or another crime.

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