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30 in New Jersey and neighboring state to face extortion charges

30 in New Jersey and neighboring state to face extortion charges

Police announced the arrests of 30 people from three families in New Jersey and New York last week. The people were arrested and reportedly face extortion related charges. Authorities say they made arrests following an investigation of possible extortion of local garbage companies.

Those arrested are facing various crimes that are considered white collar crimes, including extortion, loan sharking and racketeering. The 30 people will face the charges in federal court and could face severe penalties if they are convicted. According to reports, some of the people arrested have been banned from the waste management industry because of previous convictions.

Sometimes when a person faces charges and they have prior convictions for similar crimes, they might be unfairly treated in their new case. It might be wise for someone in a similar situation to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey. They can help those who are facing new charges understand their rights and how past convictions might affect their current case.

These most recent charges are reportedly linked to three families that are accused of being involved in organized crime. This label of a certain family can make it very difficult to be treated fairly. An attorney can make sure a person's rights are protected from the moment of arrest through the person's trial. It is important that a person receives a fair trial in order to avoid a wrongful conviction.

A wrongful conviction can result in being banned from certain business operations, as well as years in prison and hefty fines.

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