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How will technology impact the future of criminal cases?

How will technology impact the future of criminal cases?

Over the Fourth of July, a reported fight broke out between two men along the boardwalk in Wildwood, N.J. The while police handled the situation, people started to take out their cell phones to record the incident. While cases with this type of video occur all of the time, one person in the crowd was wearing a new wearable device, called Google Glass.

Instead of hitting a button or taking something out of a pocket to record an incident, the person can just give a command, and the device that looks like a pair of glasses can record whatever is in front of the person. So, how will this new wearable technology impact criminal cases in the future?

Well, one idea is that it will benefit police, because they will be able to demonstrate to a court exactly what happened in a situation. But under what circumstances would a police officer be able to start recording an incident and have it be used as evidence? This is a question that will be answered as more technology is integrated into daily policing.

Some might also argue that this can help people who might have been abused or mistreated by police during their arrest. If a cop must present the recordings from their wearable technology everyday, would this help prevent wrongful arrests and convictions?

Until these questions can be answered and as the evolution of technology and policing occurs, it is still very important for people to understand their rights if they are arrested. Speaking with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision after an arrest.

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