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New Jersey Chiropractor reportedly pleads guilty to fraud

New Jersey Chiropractor reportedly pleads guilty to fraud

When a person is accused of fraud, they might face very serious fines and even prison time. In a recent New Jersey fraud case, a chiropractor reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree health care claims fraud. This was part of a plea agreement, in which the state will recommend tha the man serve four years in a state prison. He will also pay back $89,000 he reportedly defrauded insurance companies of.

It is important that people who are accused of white collar crimes in New Jersey understand their rights and what certain agreements might mean for them. Sometimes a person might think about a plea agreement in terms of how much time they could potentially spend in prison, but not what a plea agreement could mean for their professional reputation.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision if someone is facing accusations of fraud in New Jersey. They can help the person understand their rights, form a rigorous defense and ensure that they make an informed decision if they are offered a plea agreement from authorities.

When someone is initially arrested for a crime, they might be questioned by authorities. Police and investigators may try to get a person to make self-incriminating statements. These statements might be used against a person at trial, or in order to push a person to accept a plea agreement. An attorney can be with a person while being questioned to ensure that their rights and best interests are looked after.

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