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Alleged drunk driving accident leads to charges in New Jersey

Alleged drunk driving accident leads to charges in New Jersey

One person was charged with multiple crimes Friday after a car accident. One of the drivers in the three-car accident was charged with aggravated assault, as well as drunk driving and reckless driving. These charges are especially serious, and could result in jail time and loss of the person's driver's license if convicted. Sometimes people are charged with crimes before all of the details in a case can emerge.

It is important that people understand their rights after they are charged with a crime. In this case, the person that was charged was taken to the hospital along with another person involved in the crash. The situation at the accident scene was likely hectic and could have lead to certain details being overlooked or improperly handled. This could result in a person's rights being violated.

When a person is faced with charges, it is important that they preserve their rights. Speaking with an experienced New Jersey attorney who can handle drunk driving charges might be a wise decision. They can help the person understand their rights and evaluate how the situation was handled and if evidence was improperly gathered. These are some basic things that could be examined after charges are filed. This analysis can help a person and their attorney form a rigorous criminal defense.

Fighting charges can help a person clear their name and reputation of wrongdoing. If a person is convicted, they could not only pay penalties and serve time in jail or prison, but they could face difficulty in the future because of the stigma attached to a conviction.

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