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Man sentenced for insurance fraud in New Jersey

Man sentenced for insurance fraud in New Jersey

A man in New Jersey was accused of being a part of a construction company's insurance fraud scam. The man reportedly visited homes and damaged them to look like hail damage on siding and roofing before home owners had even known their home was damaged. The constuction company he worked for reportedly then told homeowners that they could get free siding and roofing for their damaged homes, and the man filed insurance claims.

He pleaded guilty to the crimes, and has now been sentenced to 7 years in a state prison. The company the man worked for has also ceased operation and paid restitution costs.

When someone is accused of fraud in New Jersey, it is important that they understand their rights. Sometimes prosecutors will offer a person a plea agreement, meaning if they plead guilty to a crime, the prosecutor would ask the judge for a certain sentence.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands fraud accusations might be a wise decision for anyone accused of fraud in New Jersey. They can help the person understand what a plea agreement actually might mean in their individual situation. If a person doesn't understand the agreement, they might be sentenced to much more jail or prison time than they were expecting, and might not understand that they will still have a criminal record after they are released.

This criminal record can follow a person for years after they are released, and may make it difficult for a person to find employment.

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