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Trenton police make major heroin bust

Trenton police make major heroin bust

Officers with the Trenton Police Department reportedly took a man into custody on the morning of Dec. 16 who allegedly was in possession of 1,500 bags of heroin at the time. The bust and seizure was the result of a month-long investigation, according to police.

The 38-year-old man allegedly attempted to flee when officers approached him. The man reportedly ran from a vehicle that had pulled into a parking lot, and the driver of the vehicle apparently remained in the car. After police officers caught up with the fleeing man, the defendant reportedly resisted arrest prior to being taken into custody. The man is facing drug possession and drug distribution charges in connection with the case.

In addition to the heroin police allegedly found on the man at the time of his arrest, a raid conducted at the man's home reportedly garnered $8,650 in cash. According to reports, the accused's bail has been set in the amount of $35,000.

In addition to a potentially lengthy prison sentence, a drug crime conviction can result in numerous collateral consequences long after the case has been resolved. Those who have a felony drug conviction on their criminal record often have difficulty with finding housing, securing employment and obtaining educational loans.

When a person is accused of a crime, he or she has a right to defend against the state's accusations. The prosecuting attorney has a burden to prove a charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt before a person may be convicted at trial. Those accused of drug charges may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney who may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense or a period of probation in lieu of incarceration.

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