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Exorbitant prison sentence for pot brownies raises eyebrows

Exorbitant prison sentence for pot brownies raises eyebrows

Pot and hash brownies are nothing new. People have been using marijuana and marijuana-derived products in baking for quite some time. Just like anything else with marijuana in it, hash brownies are illegal, and someone caught selling them in Bergen County could be looking at very serious drug possession charges. It is highly unlikely, however, that someone could be sentenced to life in prison for making hash brownies.

Sadly, a 19-year-old Texas man is. While it should be noted that this story did not happen here and that New Jersey's drug laws are different from Texas's, this story is still worth sharing. Even though it would be very difficult for someone to be sentenced to life in prison for making pot brownies, there are still very serious and long sentences for being convicted of using marijuana in baking.

What is causing this drastic charge is the fact that the young man used hash oil in his baking instead of marijuana. Under Texas law, if someone uses hash oil, the state can weigh the entirety of the baked goods, not just the amount of hash oil used. This means that the state is charging him with 660 grams of hash oil, despite the fact that nearly all of that is sugar, butter, chocolate and the other ingredients in the cookies and brownies.

Even though the law is not quite so harsh in New Jersey, our state still takes drug charges seriously. People are locked up for long periods of time for possessing very small amounts of drugs.

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