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New Jersey man accused of drug and fake ID charges

New Jersey man accused of drug and fake ID charges

On March 25, a New Jersey man who was accused of intent to distribute drugs as well as possession of illegal driver's licenses was charged. The authorities reported that the 44-year-old man was intending to sell heroin and Valium within 1,000 feet of a local school.

In the complaint, the accused man allegedly admitted to having a counterfeit license from New Jersey and one from New York. Authorities allegedly recovered nine bags of what was thought to be heroin and one vial of Valium in addition to drug paraphernalia. The man's bail was reportedly set at $15,000.

Those who are charged with intent to distribute heroin or other drugs will likely face serious consequences if they are convicted. They may face a jail sentence and probation once they are released. They could also face large fines and have the conviction go on their criminal record. However, a criminal law attorney may have a defense strategy, depending on the severity of the charges and the evidence against the accused person.

One defense is stating that the drugs did not belong to the accused person. If the evidence was found on the accused person, an attorney may potentially argue that the drugs were found during an unlawful search and seizure. If this is the case, the drugs cannot be used as evidence in court. Finally, the attorney may argue that the drugs were planted if there have been complaints made against an officer involved in the case.

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