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New Jersey man charged with sexual assault after 911 call

New Jersey man charged with sexual assault after 911 call

According to a news release by the Bergen County prosecutor, Allendale police received an abandoned emergency call from an unidentified cellphone and tracked it to the suspect's residence in Saddle River, New Jersey. Saddle River police observed the suspect driving away from his home with a female passenger and conducted a traffic stop.

Officers said that the woman in the car appeared "visibly upset" and told them the suspect had sexually assaulted her. The Bergen County Special Victims Unit was then notified of the situation. After detectives conducted interviews, the suspect was placed under arrest. He faces charges of aggravated sexual assault and possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana.

New Jersey residents charged with a sex crime, such as aggravated sexual assault, can face severe penalties if they are convicted. Due to the sensitive nature of the alleged crime, a defendant's personal and professional life may be adversely affected even if they are innocent of the charges. However, a defendant may be able to protect their future by retaining a criminal defense attorney immediately upon arrest. Legal counsel could examine the case for any signs police may have overstepped their authority during the investigation process, which could lead to a dismissal of charges. They could also scrutinize the evidence for details that could be used to exonerate their client. However, in some cases, it may be advisable to negotiate for a plea deal that reduces the severity of the charges in exchange for a guilty plea.

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