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New Jersey bus driver facing charges for drunk driving

New Jersey bus driver facing charges for drunk driving

Drunk driving is a serious offense. If could result in the loss of a person's license and in some cases their job. This is especially serious when their job depends on their license. A bus driver in New Jersey was arrested last year after people accused her of driving drunk while driving children. The woman is now accused of drunk driving and child endangerment.

Many times, people can be accused of drunk driving with very little evidence. Authorities might use certain tests or make a person perform tasks that are supposedly testing their ability to drive a vehicle. Sometimes these tests are inaccurate and might lead to arrests that aren't warranted.

Because this charge might result in the loss of a license and the loss of a job, it might be wise for someone in a similar situation to speak with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney that has experienced handling drunk driving cases. They can help a person understand their rights and evaluate evidence that might be presented against them.

The legal and court process might also be confusing. This can lead a person to plead guilty to a charge in hopes of moving on with their lives, even if they aren't actually guilty. An attorney can help advice a person as to what action might provide the best result in their case. People who are innocent can help protect their rights by understanding the legal process.

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