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Four charged with New Jersey Black Friday robbery

Four charged with New Jersey Black Friday robbery

When a person is charged with a severe crime, their reputation is often put on the line, and they might face ridicule from their community, despite not being convicted of any crime. An arrest and accusation can be especially damaging if a charge stems from an act of violence, such as use of a gun to commit a crime.

Last year on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, a robbery of a Target reportedly took place, resulting in the loss of $50,000. Last week, four people were arrested and accused of committing the robbery. Reports say that two of the men are accused of robbing the employees at gunpoint, while another person posed as a shopper but was really a lookout, and the other was a getaway driver.

Sometimes a person is accused of a crime, many months after the alleged crime took place. Authorities might take a long time to charge a person because of lack of evidence or because an investigation into the alleged crime takes longer than normal.

If a person thinks they might be the target of an accusation, they might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey. Armed robbery was the accusation in this case, which can have very serious consequences and a lengthy prison sentence if a person is convicted.

Many times with crimes such as this, a person might experience difficulty in their community even after they serve their sentence successfully. An attorney can help a person understand their rights throughout the legal process.

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