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Two men arrested on multiple charges in New Jersey

Two men arrested on multiple charges in New Jersey

Two men were arrested last week on multiple charges stemming from accusations of a shooting and other alleged crimes. A news report on the arrests used information obtained from law enforcement officials, saying the men were arrested after a traffic stop, and one of the people in the car reportedly fit the description of a robbery suspect.

The two were arrested on robbery related charges, as well as allegations of making terrorist treats and intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance near a public housing facility. When people are arrested, it is important that they understand all of the charges that they are facing, and what a conviction could mean for their future.

Speaking with an experienced attorney can help the person understand their rights and help evaluate questions and treatment by law enforcement officials. Often additional charges are filed against a person for the same crime, in hopes of convicting the person on at least one or all of the charges. This can lead to longer sentences than what fit the alleged crime and only hurt the person who is accused further.

After an arrest, police may try to question an individual in hopes of getting them to make incriminating statements. Speaking with an attorney can help a person form a rigorous criminal defense and allow them to have a fair trial. If a person is convicted, the attorney can help the person evaluate their options of an appeal. While an appeal might not be immediate, it can help the person clear their name of wrongdoing.

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