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Single-car crash nets DUI charge for Saddle River man

Single-car crash nets DUI charge for Saddle River man

It is common knowledge in Bergen County, and throughout New Jersey, that drunk driving is against the law. Numerous traffic accidents have been linked to drunk driving, which is why law enforcement officials are diligent about looking for cars driving erratically or not following the rules of the road. Police officers at the scene determine if the drivers involved in a car accident were intoxicated.

Recently, a 23-year-old man from Saddle River, New Jersey, was charged with driving under the influence after a single-car crash on an interstate highway.

Based on a recent report, during the early morning hours, the driver flubbed a left turn, swerved into a guard rail and then back into the highway lane where the car struck another road barrier. The driver was unharmed following the car crash.

The report for this case has limited information about why the driver was charged with DUI. Generally, police officers conduct field sobriety tests if DUI is suspected. Officers observe the alertness of the driver as the tests are being performed. However, results from field sobriety tests are often deemed unreliable because certain factors -- such as any medical conditions -- can affect a driver's ability to pass a field sobriety text.

Police officers may also require the suspected drunk driver to undergo breathe analyzer testing. Breathe test results will determine the blood alcohol content of the driver. If the driver's BAC level exceeds the New Jersey limit, the driver will be charged with DUI.

A DUI conviction can lead to serious consequences, including loss of driving privileges, increased in insurance premiums, fines and other penalties. Any driver accused of DUI needs to build a strong criminal defense.

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