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Blog Posts in December, 2011

  • Covert camera found in high school shower, vice principal accused

    The vice principal of a New Jersey middle school was arrested this week and accused of what prosecutors say is a crime that spanned years. The respected school official, who volunteered at the local high school, is accused of covertly installing a video camera in the high school boys' locker room shower to film boys, including some under the age of 16, while they showered. Officials say they found ...
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  • New Jersey doctor charged with illegal sale of prescription drugs

    Writing a prescription is something doctors do countless times each day, all over the world. It is an essential part of them treating their patients, many who suffer from tremendous pain. When accusations of wrong-doing arise, it is important for doctors to take such allegations seriously. Allegations of illegal prescription writing can have detrimental effects on a doctor's reputation and ability ...
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  • New Jersey DUI offense can cost you big time

    According to a report by Fox Business, New Jersey did not make the list of states with the most driving under the influence offenders. It wasn't even in the top 20. Although it doesn't rank high in the number of DUI offenders, it can still cost you dearly in New Jersey. Not including fines and maybe time in jail, a DUI on your driving record can increase your insurance costs drastically. It could ...
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  • Two New Jersey men face fraud charges in Ponzi scheme

    Investors are faced with increased scrutiny since the economic downturn in 2008. The financial industry has always been highly regulated and is even more regulated due to highly controversial and sometimes illegal activities that led to recent financial turmoil. The past few years have uncovered numerous Ponzi schemes and it seems you hear of a new scam every week in the news. Investigators can be ...
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  • New Jersey doctors charged with bribery for referring patients

    Doctors try their best to provide patients with all the best care. Sometimes giving them the best care means referring the patient to another physician or clinic who is better equipped or more knowledgeable about their unique diagnosis. Most doctors care deeply for their patients and want to see them get better as soon as possible. After caring for patients for years, 13 doctors and one nurse ...
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  • Seven New Jersey residents arrested for alleged role in drug ring

    Drug charges are serious and can lead to serious consequences. But first-time criminal offenders in New Jersey also have the option of applying for a diversion program. These types of programs allow first-time offenders to be put on probation. When the probationary period is over and the offender has completed the program, the charges are dismissed. But those arrested for drug crimes do not always ...
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  • DWI charge could land you on the naughty list this holiday season

    The holiday season is in full swing. Shopping malls are decorated with brightly lit trees, children are being extra nice, and law enforcement is increasing the number of patrols on the road. In the past, New Jersey officials have participated in the national safety campaign designed to reduce the number of people drinking and driving. Previously the campaign was called "Over the Limit, Under ...
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  • Manslaughter charges dropped against New Jersey man

    Being questioned by the police who suspect you are involved in some sort of criminal activity can be daunting. Facing criminal charges likely means that you've been arrested and questioned by police. But what happens if you believe you were coerced into giving a confession? This was the situation that one New Jersey man found himself in this week. He had been allegedly involved in a fatal drunk ...
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