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Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • Man arrested for New Jersey drug crime after traffic stop

    A man was arrested last week after police say the car the man was riding in had burnt out license plate lights. Officers pulled the driver of a car over, and through what they called an investigation, they alleged that the passenger of the vehicle had marijuana and multiple pipes with suspected marijuana residue. It isn't clear from reports why police questioned the passenger of the car. Speaking ...
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  • New Jersey man faces severe charges after arrest for heroin

    A New Jersey man is facing severe charges after being arrested in another state. The man was arrested and faces charges of possession with intent to distribute a Schedule I or II narcotic. Police say the man visited the state and was pulled over where police found four pounds of heroin, valued on the street at $270,000. This amount of a drug can lead to a significant drug charge in New Jersey and ...
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  • Drunk driving, drug arrests made in New Jersey vehicle checkpoint

    Police say that checkpoints on certain roads are meant for both enforcement and educational purposes. However, sometimes these checkpoints, even when they are approved in advance could cause some people to panic, possibly resulting in their arrest and the search of their vehicle. Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey set up these checkpoints in order to make more arrests for certain crimes. ...
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  • Soccer coach arrested for child pornography in New Jersey

    When people work in areas that are considered in the public or community spotlight, they are often subject to a higher level of scrutiny. Sometimes this can result in publicity of allegations, even before a person has a fair trial or change to defend themselves. A soccer coach in New Jersey was recently arrested and charged with child pornography related charges. These sex crime related ...
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  • New Jersey man arrested for alleged sexual assault of girl

    When someone is accused of a sex crime, they might suffer from severe reputation damage. While it is important in these cases to be sensitive of any potential victims, it is equally important for the accused person to understand their rights and have those rights protected. A man in New Jersey was arrested this week after being accused of sexual assault on a 14-year-old neighbor girl. According to ...
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  • 30 arrests made in Camden drug sting

    Police conduct undercover operations everyday around the country. Many times these operations are coordinated between a few law enforcement agencies. When multiple people are arrested in police operations, it is possible that some evidence in the case was not properly handled, or a person was arrested on evidence that was not relevant to the crime they are accused of committing. According to a ...
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  • 11 people charged with identity theft crimes in New Jersey

    Since sometime last year, investigators have allegedly been tracking an elaborate identity theft ring involving people signing up for department store credit cards under different names and using them to purchase items. A prosecutor in New Jersey is now accusing 11 people of participating in the alleged identity theft ring, and they were all recently arrested. A report on the arrests says that the ...
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  • New Jersey man receives lesser sentence on sexual assault appeal

    A man who was convicted of aggravated sexual assault may receive a lesser sentence after the state Supreme Court reviewed his case on Monday. The Court decided that because of the wording of the law regarding New Jersey aggravated sexual assault regarding the crime he was convicted of, he should be sentenced under a lesser charge. The man might still serve time in jail or prison because he will be ...
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