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Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Drunk driving patrols to increase says New Jersey State Police

    With a long weekend ahead for many American, there will undoubtedly be some fun celebrations with family and friends. As with many holidays, the New Jersey State Police says they will be increase patrols on the highways and streets. As people head to and from friends houses, they are more likely to be pulled over for speeding and drunk driving this weekend. Police hope to catch drunk drivers, but ...
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  • Football player arrested after alleged New Jersey assault

    Sometimes people who have a public presence are arrested and charged with a crime. These accusations can be for extremely serious or seemingly minor. No matter what the accusation is, people who might be in the public eye can find themselves needing to defend even a minor charge in order to save their reputation. Although an accusation can land the person's name in a newspaper and online, clearing ...
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  • Man arrested after allegedly sexually abusing woman on New Jersey bound plane

    A man is facing serious charges after a flight to New Jersey this week. The man, who is from New Jersey, is accused of sexually abusing a woman while she slept in a seat next to him on a United Airlines flight. The man is now facing charges in federal court and according to one report could face up to life in prison if he is convicted. The report indicates that man and woman didn't know each ...
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  • 37 arrested, accused of drug crime in North Camden

    Late last week, police conducted a sweep through North Camden and surrounding areas, arresting 37 people. The people are accused of either selling or buying drugs. It isn't clear from a report how much or what kind of drugs the North Camden residents are accused of dealing with. Police say that six people were charged with selling the drugs and the rest were arrested for buying. When drug crime ...
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  • New Jersey men accused of lying to cover up drunk driving

    Imagine being carjacked and then crashing into something. Two New Jersey men say that they were forced to drive their car at gunpoint and then crashed. New Jersey authorities say it was a cover up for a drunk driving accident. One of the men suffered from a broken arm during the accident. The man who was injured was also later charged with drunk driving and both were charged with hindering ...
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  • Extra patrols for drunk driving in New Jersey start today

    Throughout the summer, everyone is out enjoying the nice weather. Many summer holidays are celebrated with family and friends. Law enforcement across the country, including in New Jersey, often step up patrols to make more drunk driving arrests. Today, state and local officials are against ratcheting up patrols in an effort to arrest drunk drivers. During drunk driving campaigns, some police ...
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  • Feds arrest 3 on suspicion of tax fraud

    Investigators say they have arrested three people connected to an alleged identity theft and tax fraud scheme. Law enforcement says the three people from New Jersey hoped to steal identities and use them to file fraudulent tax returns to get refunds. This accusation is serious and people accused of tax fraud and identity theft might be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney ...
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  • DNA evidence may be reviewed by Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court of the United States is may decide to consider a case that could change how DNA samples are collected and saved. According to a report, the question the Court may take up is if law enforcement agencies can keep a person's DNA sample if they have only been accused, but not convicted of a crime. These samples can and have been used to convict people in cases that were unrelated to ...
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  • Four charged in New Jersey teen beating

    Four people have now been arrested and charged for beating a teenager in New Jersey late last month. According to a report, police say the four people beat up a teenager that was one of the suspect's ex-boyfriends. The teen from New Jersey had to seek medical attention, and the three were charged with assault among other charges. Because the four people accused in the case are young adults, these ...
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  • Doctor charged with medical fraud in New Jersey

    Doctors often try to do the right thing. Their job is to care for patients and ensure they get the best medical care possible. Sometimes clerical errors occur, and insurance claims can get difficult to process. A doctor in New Jersey is now being charged with over 100 counts of health care claims fraud. Investigators say the man stole nearly $90,000 by submitting false documents to insurance ...
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  • New Jersey assemblyman arrested for alleged drunk driving

    People sometimes make mistakes when they drive. If someone makes an error, they could be pulled over by police. Many times police will issue them a ticket for a driving violation, and people are given a choice to defend themselves against the ticket or just pay the fine. When someone is pulled over on their lunch hour and arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey, there might be more to the story. ...
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