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Blog Posts in February, 2013

  • Commission: child porn sentencing too harsh in some cases

    Child pornography sentences may be unfair. That's the conclusion of a study by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. On Wednesday, the commission asked Congress to amend the law to better sentence people for crimes they are found guilty of committing, relating to child pornography. The commission found that sentences that were handed down in 2004 were within the sentencing guidelines 84 percent of the ...
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  • Man arrested for reported gun at Newark airport

    A man was arrested last week when airport screeners say they found a gun in a man's bag at Newark Liberty International Airport. The man was going through the security checkpoint in Terminal C when Transportation Security Administration officials say they found a .22-caliber handgun inside his carryon luggage. The man says he just forgot to take it out of his luggage. When someone is arrested they ...
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  • Two New Jersey residents arrested for auto-parts fraud

    Two men were arrested in New Jersey and one in a neighboring state after police raided a warehouse full of car parts. According to a report, police are accusing the men of selling replacement auto parts as name brand, when they allegedly were not. The men were all charged with conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods, and trafficking in counterfeit goods. The charges being pursued could result ...
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  • New Jersey rapper arrested, accused of altercation over fines

    Parking during a snow storm can be a hassle. After the recent snow storm in New Jersey, it is likely many people experienced parking fines and tows because of unmoved vehicles. Sometimes a person might notice their car being towed, and talk to officers and the tow driver to leave the car alone. This might include paying a fine and towing costs. Recently, a famous rapper that lives in New Jersey ...
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  • Man arrested for drug, paraphernalia charges in New Jersey

    Understanding your rights can be a key in upholding your innocence after an arrest. People in New Jersey sometimes face arrests under questionable circumstances. They might be taken to a police station and questioned by authorities. Many times, what a person tells the authorities can be used against the person at trial. A man was arrested Saturday in New Jersey for drug paraphernalia and marijuana ...
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  • Federal and New Jersey authorities allege 11 committed Medicaid fraud

    Medicaid fraud is a serious offense. Anyone charges with this crime could spend significant time in prison, and serious fines. Prosecutors announced the arrest of 11 people this week in New Jersey after they say the people took part in an elaborate and long-running Medicaid fraud scheme. The people allegedly caused losses to Medicaid worth millions of dollars. The report on the arrests says that ...
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  • Multiple arrests made for credit card fraud, some in New Jersey

    Authorities have made arrests in what they say was a $200 million, 10 year long fraud scheme. Eighteen people were arrested in four states, including in New Jersey, after investigators say the people led a massive credit card fraud ring. The people accused of the crimes have not yet been named, and it is unclear which credit card companies may have been involved. These types of accusations often ...
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