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  • The Megan's Law Tier Classification Hearing In New Jersey

    The Registrant Risk Assessment Scale In New Jersey, shortly after a Megan's Law offender is released from prison or shortly after he or she is placed on probation, the State (oftentimes the applicable County Prosecutor's Office) will serve him or her with a Registrant Risk Assessment Scale ("RRAS") form. Below is an outlined basis for a Megan's Law Tier classification. The Megan's Law Tier ...
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  • Explaining the Difference Between Parole and Probation

    People who don’t know the laws in detail often know of similarities, but can on occasion get things confused. For example, many people erroneously use the terms “murder” and “homicide” interchangeably, but the two have an important difference between them. The same goes for “probation” and “parole.” Both of these legal terms start with the letter “P” and both refer to ways someone who is convicted ...
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  • A Brief Overview of New Jersey Theft Crime Laws

    Theft crimes are some of the most commonly-committed offenses out of all of the many various types on the books. Theft can be something as small as taking a candy bar from a store to as large as defrauding people out of millions of dollars through a clever scheme. Because these offenses can come in so many different ways, the laws that protect against theft need to be broad and all-encompassing in ...
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  • The Basics of Search & Seizure Laws

    The founding fathers of our country were adamant believers in individual freedom, and went to great lengths to preserve it. They firmly believed that freedom meant not having to worry about the government or authorities intervening in your life without a legitimate and necessary reason, and for that reason they framed the Constitution in such a way that it severely limited the size and scope of ...
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  • A Brief Primer on New Jersey's Bribery Laws

    Bribery is a powerful tool in circles of power, and that means it’s a fairly common type of white collar crime. According to New Jersey law, bribery includes soliciting, accepting, or agreeing to accept any sort of personal benefit in exchange for violating or agreeing to violate any duty of fidelity you might have. As we’ll see on this blog, that can be pretty widely-inclusive. Here is a brief ...
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  • Get a Drone this Holiday Season? Know the Laws Before Taking to the Skies!

    Drones were a popular holiday gift this past year, and if you were one of the many people who received one, you probably couldn’t wait to plug in the battery and take to the skies to see the world from a whole new perspective. However, very few people take the time to read up on what the laws have to say about flying these aircraft, and as a result some might find themselves in trouble with the ...
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  • What is "Probable Cause?"

    Law enforcement can’t arrest you and charge you with driving under the influence on nothing more than a whim or a gut feeling. In fact, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution forbids this practice. So in order to actually make an arrest and legally charge someone with a crime like DUI, they must first establish what is known as “probable cause.” Let’s take a closer look at this concept and how ...
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