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Blog Posts in July, 2011

  • New Jersey man with multiple sclerosis loses drug crime case

    Three years ago a New Jersey man brought a case to court after being charged with operating a facility that produced marijuana. The drug charge resulted after police discovered a number of marijuana plants growing behind his home in 2008. But this man suffers from the multiple sclerosis, a medical condition that is painful and affects the brain and spinal cord. He did not have health insurance ...
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  • New Jersey boys charged with sex crime now permanent sex offenders

    Imagine this scenario: you get a call from your son's school telling you that he and his friend were involved in an incident on the playground. The two had been roughhousing and at one point your son had sat on some of his classmates' faces with his bare bottom. Initially, you merely brush it off as boys being boys and punish your son. But the incident soon becomes something much bigger and you ...
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  • New Jersey man arrested in connection with theft of Picasso art

    In many situations, having prior criminal convictions can result in more severe penalties if the individual is charged with another crime. But for one New Jersey man, having no prior convictions made little difference when the judge decided to set his bail at $5 million. When charged with a serious crime, it can be very beneficial to speak with someone about protecting your rights. A strategic ...
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  • Pennsylvania police target drunk driving in national campaign

    For two-and-a-half weeks in August through September, Pennsylvania drivers will be watched closely by local law enforcement. In an effort referred to as the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign, local Pennsylvania police officers will be pulling over drivers who appear to be drunk driving. This particular campaign is occurring across the nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety ...
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  • White collar crime scheme ends with New Jersey man in prison

    Being charged with a federal crime, such as white collar crime, is different than being charged with a state crime. While there are still penalties and consequences for both, federal crimes fall under the jurisdiction of federal courts which typically have their own guidelines and procedures. Federal investigations can be thorough and all-encompassing, often resulting in federal charges. One New ...
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  • Local New Jersey bar raided after tip about underage drinking

    Early this morning, New Brunswick police raided a bar near Rutgers University. New Jersey law enforcement has been focusing on cracking down on establishments that serve alcohol to minors. The program, called the College Initiative enforcement program, is trying to decrease the number of underage drinking violations throughout the state. This recent raid led to criminal charges of underage ...
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  • Prison sentences for New Jersey men convicted of drug crimes

    Being charged for drug crimes such as drug possession, drug manufacturing, and even drug trafficking can lead to serious penalties. Depending on the circumstances, consequences can range from a diversion program to many years in prison. Six men are realizing just how severe the consequences can be when convicted of drug crimes. They had been under investigation starting in the fall of 2007. Nearly ...
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  • Witness in international sex assault case proven to be unreliable

    A highly publicized case involving accusations of sex crimes against the former head of International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, may come to a close very soon. The alleged incident was said to have occurred in May when a hotel maid accused Strauss-Kahn of sex assault. The accusations led to a whirlwind investigation as well as Strauss-Kahn stepping down from his role at IMF. But it ...
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