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Blog Posts in May, 2018

  • What Is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

    You may have heard the term “civil asset forfeiture” or “civil forfeiture” tossed around in the news somewhat recently. This controversial practice was brought back into the limelight when Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressed his support for utilizing this practice as a way of deterring criminals, particularly those involved in the drugs and narcotics black market. But while law enforcement ...
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  • Four Traffic Violations with Criminal Consequences

    Many people dread seeing the flashing red and blue lights of a law enforcement patrol officer in their rear view mirror. Usually this means they ran a red light, rolled a stop sign, made an illegal lane change, or were caught speeding, and you’re going to have to face the dreaded traffic violation citation. However, did you know there are instances where you could be stopped by a patrol officer ...
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