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Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Multiple people arrested in New Jersey town outside bar

    What was to be a fun night, turned into a night of chaos in one New Jersey town. Police were called and multiple people were arrested outside of a New Jersey bar where crowds swelled to thousands of people. The incident occurred after an event was sold out at the local bar. The crown quickly got out of hand and people were arrested. Many of them were charged with assault, although with all the ...
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  • New Jersey family faces unemployment fraud charges

    Authorities accused a family of unemployment fraud this month. Five members of a New Jersey family have been charged with various fraud charges which could carry decade long sentences if convicted. Investigators say the family committed fraud to steal nearly $2 million from the state's unemployment benefit fund. Because of the length of potential prison sentences and that the accused fraud is ...
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  • New Jersey proposal could allow DNA sampling for minor crimes

    A New Jersey lawmaker proposed this month to allow DNA sampling from all people convicted of even minor crimes. These crimes would include things like shoplifting of small items and trespassing. Under a law like this, anyone who is convicted of a crime would have their DNA stored in a database, which could then be used to track their DNA back to other crimes. Some people are calling this a ...
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  • Designate a driver for this weekend's festivities

    With St. Patrick's Day falling on a Saturday this year, the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety is advising people who are planning to drink to make sure that they plan ahead so they aren't drinking and driving. Police officers are going to be out in full force to stop drunk drivers. Last year during the St. Patrick's Day weekend, there were five fatalities on New Jersey roads as well as ...
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  • Man charged with aggravated assault after New Jersey shooting

    Authorities are continuing their investigation into a shooting that left one girl shot inside her house late last month. New Jersey police have arrested a man and charged him with aggravated assault and among other charges after they say the man shot at the house. Investigators may take some time to conclude their investigation. Police aren't yet saying why they think the shooting occurred, ...
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  • New Jersey four state to make synthetic drug sales a crime

    The state of New Jersey has now banned the possession and sale of many synthetic drugs. This comes as they grow in popularity, and are marketed under the names K2, Spice, and a few others. This means it would be a drug crime in New Jersey to posses or sell these items. This may come as a surprise to some people. When a new ban goes into place like this, people need to make sure they understand ...
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  • Two New Jersey men charged with defrauding railroad, wire fraud

    Fraud is a very serious accusation. The accusation of fraud can have negative impacts on a person's career and even stress in their family life. When someone is accused of fraud, they will likely face public scrutiny even before they have a chance to have a fair trial. Two New Jersey men have been charged with fraud after authorities say they tried to defraud the New Jersey Transit system. The ...
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