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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Scientists develop cocaine test using fingerprints

    New Jersey residents are likely aware that an individual's drug and alcohol use may be established by performing chemical tests on a blood, saliva, urine or hair sample, but they may be surprised to learn about a new form of drug test using fingerprints developed by scientists in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The findings of these researchers were published in May 2015 in a scientific ...
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  • Charges filed following identity theft investigation

    Authorities in New Jersey announced on May 16 that a fraud and identity theft investigation lasting three weeks has led to criminal charges being filed against seven individuals. The five New Jersey residents and two New York residents are facing counts including theft, receiving stolen property and possessing identification documents with intent to commit fraud. The investigation was led by ...
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  • 18 accused of selling drugs in New Jersey strip mall

    On May 8, New Jersey authorities announced that they took 18 individuals into custody after they were accused of being involved in an open-air drug market at a Hoboken strip mall. According to the authorities, the individuals were selling a number of different drugs, including heroin, crack and marijuana near the West Side Plaza. Authorities reportedly investigated the area for two months after ...
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  • New Jersey gang member to spend 20 years in prison

    A member of a New Jersey street gang who was accused of being involved in a drug trafficking ring was sentenced to 240 months, or 20 years, in prison on May 8. According to the press release, the man, age 26, was convicted on multiple charges that included possession of weapons and drug conspiracy. The accused man was reportedly a member of a gang known as "3.6" and "Dirty Block," among other ...
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  • 3 college executives plead guilty to fraud charges

    On April 31, authorities announced that three college executives from New Jersey and New York pleaded guilty to fraud charges. The three executives worked at the Institute for Health Education and the Micropower Career Institute. Both of the schools are for-profit colleges. There have been no public statements about the fraud case offered by either of the two schools. According to a statement from ...
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  • New Jersey nurse sentenced for filing false health care claims

    A New Jersey woman was sentenced on May 1 for fraud involving health care claims over a two-year period. According to court documents in Freehold, the woman turned in fraudulent claims to Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey. The false claims totaled about $500,000. The 41-year-old woman, who is a resident of Middletown, was identified as a nurse registered with the state who was able ...
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  • New Jersey sentences for sexual assault convictions

    When a jury convicts someone of sexual assault, there are several factors that the judge considers when determining how the individual will be punished. These include the severity of the crime, state statutes regarding sentencing, and mitigating and aggravating circumstances. The term "sexual assault" is used in New Jersey as the legal phrase for "rape." Sexual assault is defined as any sexual ...
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  • New Jersey authorities take 36 into custody for drug rings

    New Jersey authorities reported on April 29 that 36 people who were accused of being involved in two separate drug trafficking rings had been taken into custody. Authorities stated that the two rings were importing at least $300,000 of heroin into Ocean County every week. The investigations were dubbed Operation Sin City and Operation Broken Rule. In Operation Sin City, authorities reportedly ...
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