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Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • Disabled man arrested for alleged robbery

    A man was recently arrested after he allegedly stole DVDs in New Jersey. However, the man had a developmental disability and the cognitive abilities of a 9-year-old. According to a report, there isn't a dispute that the man stole the items, but he was hand-cuffed, and sent to a county jail without a phone call to his legal guardians. These are dilemmas that many families with disabled adult ...
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  • Man charged with drunk driving after riding lawn mower

    When people hear about drunk driving charges, they generally think of a person driving back from the bar in their car or truck. Although the arrest wasn't made in New Jersey, one man in a neighboring state was recently arrested for allegedly drunk driving. However, he wasn't accused of using a car or truck. Police say the man was stopped while riding a lawn mower down the side of the street. They ...
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  • Arrest warrant issued in New Jersey for former Jets player

    A former player from the Jets football team has had a warrant issued for his arrest in New Jersey. The warrant was for failure to appear in court, according to a report on the warrant. The report also said that the man was supposed to be in court because of a warrant do to outstanding traffic tickets. These charges can compound if a person doesn't show up in court. While it is important not to ...
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  • Bite marks still admitted in key trial, despite low reliability

    When someone is charged with a crime, the authorities working on the case will work to gather any and all evidence to try to secure a convictions. In alleged crimes involving more than one person, there might be evidence on one of the people. A case in a neighboring state was being watched closely, as many had hoped a judge would set precedent in throwing out bite mark evidence for lack of ...
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  • New Jersey court to scrutinize accuracy of breath-testing devices

    When police have probable cause to suspect someone is driving while intoxicated, they will likely pull that driver over to conduct field sobriety and breath tests. If a person fails those tests, he or she could be charged for drunk driving. Although erratic driving before a traffic stop or a failed breath test could be used by prosecutors as evidence during a drunk driving trial, they must be able ...
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  • Innocent teens more likely to confess, leading to conviction

    A teens worse nightmare, might include sitting in a room, with a police officer or investigator. Not knowing what they are being accused of, and not having their parents there to guide them. A reports found that teens more commonly confess to crimes they haven't committed compared to adults who were also innocent. This means, teenagers are being locked up, despite being innocent. This not only ...
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  • Man arrested in New Jersey for attempted murder charges

    A man was arrested while trying to check into a hotel in New Jersey last weekend. Police say that he was wanted in a neighboring state for attempted murder charges. When someone crosses state lines they might face more severe charges. According to a report, the man was wanted because of an incident where two men were allegedly stabbed or cut at a bar earlier this month. When someone is arrested, ...
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  • Man charged with drug crime after New Jersey car accident

    Drug charges are extremely serious and could result in a severe penalty if a person is convicted. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for anyone who is accused of a drug crime in New Jersey. A man in New Jersey was arrested Sunday and charged with drug crimes after the man was involved in a car accident. According to a report, State Police arrested the ...
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