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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Supreme Court strikes down part of controversial sentencing law

    New Jersey residents may be aware that the federal government has passed a number of laws to increase the penalties for certain types of criminal activity. Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses have been widely criticized, and the Armed Career Criminal Act has caused concern for judges for several years. The 1984 law provides custodial sentence enhancements for defendants who have been ...
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  • New Jersey father and daughter facing drug charges

    On June 18, a New Jersey father and daughter were taken into police custody after authorities recovered a number of different drugs during a search of their home. It was reported that more than $3,200 worth of narcotics were seized. The home was located on Western Avenue in Hamilton. During the raid, the authorities reportedly recovered 108 Oxycodone pilles, worth about $3,200, 17 suboxone pills, ...
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  • Judge's ruling could mean release for sex offenders

    New Jersey residents may be interested in a Minnesota judge's ruling ordering the state to revise its Sex Offender Program. After an offender completes his or her jail sentence, he or she is ordered into the program , which has not fully discharged a resident in 20 years. The judge said that the state has one more chance to change its program before the judge will institute his own remedies. Among ...
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  • New Jersey man accused of involvement in drug ring

    On June 6, it was reported that a 36-year-old New Jersey man was indicted on federal charges after he was accused of providing a large-scale drug trafficking with heroin and cocaine. Additionally, the indictment also accused the man of conspiring to distribute the drugs throughout the state of New Jersey. It was believed that the man supplied a drug trafficking organization with drugs between ...
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  • The challenges associated with an insanity defense

    New Jersey residents following the trial of the man accused of shooting 12 people dead in a Colorado movie theater will likely know that his lawyers are pursuing a defense strategy based on insanity. This kind of plea is only used about 1 percent of the time in county court cases according to figures from the National Institute of Mental Health, but it is often a strategy of last resort in ...
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  • New Jersey police department settles cracker crumbs suit

    While the efforts of the authorities to address illegal drug activity may be considered necessary for maintaining law and order, a Gloucester County case is an example of an effort gone awry. A Wenonah resident reportedly received a settlement of $35,000 after filing suit against the involved police department. The incident at issue occurred in November 2011 as the man carried a video camera on ...
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  • New Jersey drug investigation leads to the arrest of 3 men

    Three men have been arrested in a narcotics case involving drug trafficking in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Warrants were executed at approximately 5:00 p.m. on June 2, according to authorities. The Mercer County Narcotics Task Force seized more than $30,000 in narcotics in the conclusion of an investigation that was ongoing for four months. The target of the investigation was detained after a ...
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  • New Jersey drug ring broken up by authorities

    In New Jersey, several people have been arrested by law enforcement during an investigation called Operation Family Tides. During the operation, drugs, guns, and money were seized. These arrests were the result of an eight-month long investigation by New Jersey authorities. Authorities stated that the goal of Operation Family Tides was to reduce the flow of heroin into the state. With this in ...
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  • Actor Sam Shepard charged with driving drunk

    New Jersey residents may know the actor and playwright Sam Shepard for his appearances in films including 'Black Hawk Down" and 'The Notebook." The 71-year-old man won a Pulitzer Prize for his play 'Buried Child" in 1979, but his notoriety likely provided him with little comfort on May 25 when he was taken into custody by New Mexico police on drunk driving charges. According to a Santa Fe police ...
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