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  • NJ Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Diversionary Program

    The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a diversionary program for drug offenders, which could have major implications for those facing charges related to marijuana possession. The court's decision is a significant victory for advocates of marijuana legalization, and it could pave the way for similar programs in other states. Although the ruling is not likely to immediately result ...
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  • Essex County Suspect Charged with Armed Robbery

    Charles Johnson of Essex County, New Jersey has been charged with three counts of Hobbs Act Robbery and three counts of using, carrying, and displaying a firearm during the commission of a crime . For each count of the Hobbs Act, he faces up to 20 years of imprisonment and a fine determined by the court. Using and brandishing a firearm carries a penalty of a minimum of seven years of imprisonment ...
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  • $100 Million NJ Deli Scheme Ends in Federal Fraud Charges

    Three Men Charged in Securities Trading Schemes In 2021, a hedge fund manager, David Einhorn, brought Hometown Deli in Paulsboro, New Jersey into the spotlight by questioning how a single deli had $100 million stock with just over $38,900 in sales. While Einhorn was writing a blog meant to advise investors about the dangers of excess and levy for more regulatory oversight, he pointed investigators ...
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  • Former NJ Youth Director Facing Child Porn Charges

    Arnold DiBlasi was arrested and charged with possessing and distributing pornographic images of children ; he also faces four counts of child endangerment charges. After a warrant was executed on July 26, DiBlasi was taken into custody and placed in Burlington County Jail. DiBlasi is the former youth group director at Holy Eucharist Parish in Cherry Hill. He has been under investigation since May ...
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  • Shawn Harewood's Retrial Begins | Safaree Samuels Robbery Case

    Four years ago, rapper Safaree Samuels (Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend who is best known for being a star on Love & Hip Hop) was robbed at gunpoint in Fort Lee . Samuels was on the way to an interview on the Angie Martinez Show . The gunman and his accomplices stole $183,000 worth of jewelry. Samuels alleged that two men ran up to him, held him at gunpoint, and stole his jewelry. A TMZ video was later ...
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  • New Jersey Courts Expunge Over 360,000 Marijuana Cases

    On September 16, 2021, the New Jersey Judiciary announced that the state has expunged over 362,000 marijuana cases since July 1 – with thousands more to come. The move comes months after the New Jersey Supreme Court issued an order, which “provides for the dismissal, vacating, and expungement of certain marijuana and hashish cases from criminal records. In 2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed ...
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  • Recreational Cannabis Market to Be Established in NJ

    New Jersey Commission Approves Regulated Marijuana Marketplace On August 19, 2021, New Jersey’s cannabis regulators approved rules to set up the state’s recreational marijuana market . While recreational marijuana was officially legalized for adults ages 21+ in February of this year, a marketplace was not yet established. Now that cultivator licenses are up for grabs in the Garden State, New ...
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  • COVID-19 Brings Increase in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

    Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Increasing During Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic brought more than a virus into our nation. It also brought a wave of anti-Asian hate crimes in populous US cities, such as the Bay Area, New York, and Los Angeles. A report by California State University’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism reveals a nearly 150% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes across 16 major cities ...
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