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  • What Is the Hobbs Act?

    The Hobbs Act is a federal law that prohibits extortion or robbery by wrongful use of force or conspiracy to commit either crime used as a tactic to stop or delay commerce. Keep reading to learn more. Robbery Robbery is the unlawful taking of a person’s property without consent through threats, force, or violence. This crime can be elevated to a more severe degree if it occurs with a firearm or if ...
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  • Shawn Harewood's Retrial Begins | Safaree Samuels Robbery Case

    Four years ago, rapper Safaree Samuels (Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend who is best known for being a star on Love & Hip Hop) was robbed at gunpoint in Fort Lee . Samuels was on the way to an interview on the Angie Martinez Show . The gunman and his accomplices stole $183,000 worth of jewelry. Samuels alleged that two men ran up to him, held him at gunpoint, and stole his jewelry. A TMZ video was later ...
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  • Porch Pirates: Data, Penalties & Legal Defense

    Key Findings on Porch Piracy Since March 2020, an increasing amount of people have resorted to online shopping to better avoid going out in public and taking the risk of spreading or getting ill from COVID-19. For instance, people can order groceries, clothes, household supplies, and holiday gifts from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, government officials have encouraged Americans to ...
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  • What Is the Most Shoplifted Book?

    The Irony of “Thou Shalt Not Steal” Among the most shoplifted books in the world is the Bible, according to several sources including CNN and the NY Times . Yes, that’s right. The word of God is in such high demand that people resort to shoplifting to get their hands on it. Despite a common reason for shoplifting the Bible being that it should be free of charge, the law can be brutal when ...
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  • Common Cybercrimes in New Jersey

    The internet has become a huge part of our lives in today’s society, whether it’s communicating with peers and sharing photos of daily activities or staying current with the news and even performing work tasks. However, there are many crimes that are committed online. The following are the most common cybercrimes in New Jersey: Child pornography – While child pornography has existed prior to the ...
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  • Three Common Holiday Theft Crimes

    The holidays are almost upon us, and while for many people that means a time of joy, celebration, and festivity, it also means a time of opportunity for would-be thieves. Many people may not realize it, but the holidays are actually a time where theft crimes increase dramatically. With so much activity, there is a lot of opportunity for thieves to strike, and that means certain types of theft in ...
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  • The Hot List: The 10 Most Stolen Car Models in America

    When you think of things that are stolen frequently, you may think of things like phones, wallets, purses, or even cars. Cars are stolen quite frequently because of their immense value and usefulness, as well as their plentiful supply. However, some vehicles seem to find themselves in the sights of potential thieves far more often than others. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the biggest ...
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  • Four Common Internet Crimes & Their Penalties

    When it comes to influential technology over the last couple of decades, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that the internet isn’t on the top of the list. While the worldwide web has enabled us to stay connected to each other easier and put a wealth of information right at our fingertips like never before, it’s also led to a whole new variety of crimes. While some of these offenses would never have ...
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  • A Brief Overview of New Jersey Theft Crime Laws

    Theft crimes are some of the most commonly-committed offenses out of all of the many various types on the books. Theft can be something as small as taking a candy bar from a store to as large as defrauding people out of millions of dollars through a clever scheme. Because these offenses can come in so many different ways, the laws that protect against theft need to be broad and all-encompassing in ...
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  • Beware Identity Theft This Holiday Season!

    The holidays are here, and that means fun and joyful celebrations for many people. But that doesn’t mean criminals are also taking a break from the grind of their daily life. In fact, quite the opposite: certain crimes spike dramatically during the holidays, especially identity theft. With more and more people choosing electronic forms of payment, it’s now easier than ever to have your identity ...
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