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Blog Posts in August, 2020

  • What Is the Most Shoplifted Book?

    The Irony of “Thou Shalt Not Steal” Among the most shoplifted books in the world is the Bible, according to several sources including CNN and the NY Times . Yes, that’s right. The word of God is in such high demand that people resort to shoplifting to get their hands on it. Despite a common reason for shoplifting the Bible being that it should be free of charge, the law can be brutal when ...
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  • Is Cyberbullying a Crime in NJ?

    Online Bullies Can Go to Jail When you hear the word “bullying,” you may envision a group of kids harassing a lonely classmate by pushing them, teasing them and throwing their books. When you think of online bullying, you may think of people posting nasty, hateful comments on someone’s Facebook status or photo. Bullying has been an ongoing battle for decades, and it can take place both in-person ...
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