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Blog Posts in April, 2023

  • What Is Sextortion?

    The New Jersey legislature made history on January 13th, 2021 when it passed the first-of-its-kind bill to make sextortion a crime in New Jersey. The new law defines sextortion as the “unlawful exploitation of another person through threat or humiliation to compel them into providing sexual gratification, money, property, services, or other items of value.” This makes it a crime that can be ...
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  • What Is Megan's Law in NJ?

    Megan's Law in New Jersey is a set of statutes that focuses on the registration and community notification requirements for sex offenders. The law requires all convicted sex offenders, even those who have served their sentences and are no longer incarcerated, to register with local police departments in the municipalities or counties where they live. Furthermore, it requires that certain ...
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