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Blog Posts in April, 2018

  • An Overview of New Jersey Drunk Driving Penalties

    Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in the United States, with each state having their own laws restricting and penalizing this action. New Jersey’s laws are particularly stringent, carrying a number of different possible penalties ranging from fines to possible jail time, and much more. While a DUI conviction is normally considered a misdemeanor, they are taken ...
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  • The Megan's Law Tier Classification Hearing In New Jersey

    The Registrant Risk Assessment Scale In New Jersey, shortly after a Megan's Law offender is released from prison or shortly after he or she is placed on probation, the State (oftentimes the applicable County Prosecutor's Office) will serve him or her with a Registrant Risk Assessment Scale ("RRAS") form. Below is an outlined basis for a Megan's Law Tier classification. The Megan's Law Tier ...
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  • The Three Commonly Accepted Field Sobriety Tests

    When you are pulled over or stopped at a sobriety checkpoint on suspicion of driving under the influence, the smell of alcohol is often not enough to warrant establishment of probable cause, which is mandatory in order to legally make an arrest. Instead, officers will usually turn to other tools that are specifically designed for the job: field sobriety tests. A field sobriety test is a task ...
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