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Blog Posts in December, 2018

  • The Benefits of Expungement

    Do I qualify for an Expungement? The qualifications for expungement are based on a set of factors that are unique to each crime and personal history. These factors include the absence of past criminal convictions, the crime itself, the verdict or plea and the subsequent waiting period. It is crucial that you speak with a qualified New Jersey criminal defense lawyer who can help you determine your ...
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  • The Pre-Trial Intervention Program & Diversion Programs

    The Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Program is one of three diversion programs offered in New Jersey. These diversion programs include the PTI Program, the Conditional Discharge Program and the Conditional Dismissal Program. Despite varying in the criminal charges that they apply to, they are similar in that each one is an alternative to jail or prison time and result in charge dismissal. If your ...
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