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Blog Posts in December, 2016

  • What Happens When You're Added to the NJ Sex Offender Registry

    Sex crime convictions in New Jersey can be severe, including lengthy jail sentences and steep fines with the possibility of additional restitutions paid to the alleged victim. Arguably the most damaging of penalties, however, is the mandatory registration to the New Jersey sex offender list . Even people convicted of low-level, nonviolent sex crimes, such as public lewdness , will need to ...
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  • Misdemeanors Vs. Felonies - Severities of Criminal Violations

    If you are placed in handcuffs, put in a jail cell, and book for a criminal violation, you have allegedly committed either a misdemeanor or a felony . You should actually be told which one pertains to your arrest but that is probably all the information you are going to get upfront. It begs the questions, “How are misdemeanors different from felonies? And should I be concerned about it?” ...
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