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Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Criminal prosecution to intensify in worker safety violations

    A workplace injury can lead to a great deal of scrutiny at a New Jersey business. In serious cases, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can investigate to identify any problems in the work environment. If clear violations of OSHA standards are identified, there may be fines levied against a business. However, a recent memorandum of understanding signed by the U.S. Department of ...
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  • Man who got off on "affluenza" defense on the run

    New Jersey residents may be familiar with the case of Ethan Couch, the young man who successfully used an "affluenza" defense to avoid a prison sentence after killing four people in a drunk driving accident. Affluenza is a term Couch's lawyers coined for their client's mental state leading up to the crash. They argued that he was so spoiled by his parents that he lacked the capacity to understand ...
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  • Supreme Court will hear challenge to warrantless breath tests

    New Jersey residents may be interested in cases that are headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The cases, coming from the states of North Dakota and Minnesota, deal with the question of whether a person who refuses to take a breathalyzer test may be charged with an additional crime for the act of refusal. Across the country, 13 states allow a person who refuses a blood test when they are suspected of ...
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  • CEO scorned for raising drug price charged with securities fraud

    New Jersey residents might find it interesting that Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur who sparked national outrage when he dramatically hiked the price of an infection-fighting drug, has been arrested for securities fraud. The 32-year-old was taken into custody at his swank Manhattan apartment on Dec. 17. The charges against Shkreli stem from his activities as CEO of the ...
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  • U.S. investigators to charge Venezuelan officials

    New Jersey prosecutors are likely aware that some top officials in Venezuela are said to be on the verge of facing charges related to drug trafficking. A source says that federal prosecutors in New York plan to charge a general in the country's national guard who also used to be with the country's anti-drug office. The head of the national guard will also be charged. This will not be the first ...
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  • Charges related to prostitution in New Jersey

    It is a federal crime to transport someone between states or in foreign commerce for reasons of prostitution or any other reason that is immoral. Laws vary from state to state, but those involved in providing sexual services, as well as the customer asking for them, could face criminal charges. Anyone acting as a broker between the two may be charged with pandering or pimping. Prostitution forms ...
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  • New Jersey laws related to heroin

    It is important to note that there are both state and federal laws related to the possession of heroin. This means that if someone is charged with possession of the drug in New Jersey may face penalties from both the state and the federal government. As with other powerful narcotics, the possession, trafficking and the sale of the drug is a felony. At the federal level, the first conviction for ...
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  • Juvenile incarceration rates decreasing

    Youth advocates and those who work in fields related to juvenile justice in New Jersey often agree that concerted effort is required to reform the system and reduce the rates of youth incarceration. Though there may be differences of opinion as to the best path forward, there is broad general consensus that America should bring its youth incarceration rates more in line with the rest of the ...
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