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Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • New Jersey doctor accused of tax fraud scheme

    On Aug. 25, a New Jersey doctor was taken into police custody after he was accused of fabricating a payroll in order to avoid paying taxes. He was essentially accused of falsely adding 28 people to a payroll in order to appear as if he was paying these employees. According to investigators, an accountant allegedly gave the doctor names, social security numbers and other pertinent information in ...
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  • Major American city bans synthetic drug

    New Jersey residents may have heard that on Aug. 14, the city of Boston banned the sale, possession or use of a substance called synthetic marijuana. It is often called K2 or Spice on the streets, and it is a mixture of chemicals and plant material mixed together. Although it is not actually marijuana, the ingredients used to create the substance mimic the high that an individual would experience ...
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  • Ravens cheerleader sentenced in child rape case

    New Jersey residents may have been following the story of a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader who was convicted of raping a 15-year-old boy. A judge recently ordered her to spend every other weekend for the next two years in a work-release facility. She was also ordered to pay $10,650 to the family and to register as a sex offender. In June, the 48-year-old woman pled guilty to a count of ...
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  • New Jersey man's conviction upheld by appellate court

    On Aug. 7, a New Jersey appellate court refused to overturn the drug conviction of a man who claimed that he used marijuana for medical reasons. The man has given himself the nickname of NJ Weedman and claims that making the drug illegal violates his right to practice his Rastafarian religion. He was taken into custody on the charges in April 2010 when police saw his car run a red light. At the ...
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  • Federal judge rules sex offender program unconstitutional

    People in New Jersey may be interested to learn of a recent federal ruling in which Minnesota's post-prison mandatory sex offender treatment program was ruled unconstitutional. The state's program confines people for an indeterminate period of time even after they have served their prison sentences. Although the ruling pertains to that state alone, it could potentially affect similar programs in ...
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  • Family seeks new sentence after son is put on sex offender list

    New Jersey parents may have read the reports of a case has brought attention to the arbitrary application of sex offender status to someone who had consensual sex with a young woman who lied about her age. The judge plans to reconsider the sentence and possibly remove the 19-year-old man from the sex offender registry The defendant met a young woman through a dating app, and she claimed to be 17 ...
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  • Probation for juvenile offenders can be a problem

    When a parent faces the possibility of having a child locked up for criminal activity, there may be a concern for that young person's well-being while being held. However, there has been a significant effort in recent years to keep youths in New Jersey and across the nation out of juvenile detention facilities. Such locations used to be full at all times but may now be populated at 50 percent or ...
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  • Police use of drug sniffing dogs questioned by appeals court

    New Jersey residents are likely aware that law enforcement agencies often call upon K-9 units to assist them during searches. The abilities of these dogs to detect even trace amounts of illegal drugs is often touted by police departments and media outlets, but judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit were unimpressed by the police reliance on themwhen they ruled on a drug case ...
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  • Types of alternative sentencing

    Any resident of Bergen County who faces felony charges in New Jersey or on the federal level may take some comfort from the fact that not all convictions end in jail time. Depending on the court's discretion and outcome of the trial, there are many different types of alternative sentences that may be imposed. A convicted individual may be able to argue successfully for different forms of ...
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  • Actresses' brother, surprise guest found during drug raid

    While he is not a household name to New Jersey residents, the brother of actress Alicia Silverstone has found himself in the spotlight. The 43-year-old man was reportedly booked by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office for cultivating and processing marijuana and possessing marijuana for sale. He was at a location in Redwood Valley, California at around 7:30 p.m. on July 21 when a raid occurred. ...
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  • 2 women accused of drug use and possession

    Two women from New Jersey were accused of drug possession after a police officer pulled over their vehicle on July 16. According to the report, the officer pulled over the SUV after noticing that it had a suspended registration. The 2000 Jeep Cherokee was stopped at about 1 a.m. in a convenience store parking lot. The responding officer reportedly saw evidence of drug use during the stop which led ...
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