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  • Probation Violations in New Jersey

    Probation vs. Parole: What’s the Difference? Parole is a supervised early release from prison for those who were sentenced to jail or prison time. Probation is an alternative to imprisonment, and defendants sentenced to probation do not serve their time in jail or prison. Probation Violations Just as each case is unique, the terms of your probation are unique and will differ on a case-to-case ...
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  • People on Probation & Parole in NJ Can Vote

    Understanding A5283 Impacts on Voting Rights A revolutionary new bill affects New Jersey residents who are on parole or probation. As part of his Second Chance Agenda, Governor Phil Murphey signed A5823 on December 18, 2019 to restore voting rights to residents who are on parole or probation. Effective March 17, 2020, this bill can impact over 80,000 NJ citizens. Only 16 other states allowed ...
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  • Can I Go on Vacation While on Probation in NJ?

    A conviction can result in a wide variety of punishments, including probation . There are several conditions a person must follow when sentenced to probation, such as travel restrictions. So, what happens when the family plans to take a trip to another state or country? If you are on probation in New Jersey, are you allowed to join your loved ones on vacation? The answer is that you must obtain ...
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  • The Pre-Trial Intervention Program & Diversion Programs

    The Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Program is one of three diversion programs offered in New Jersey. These diversion programs include the PTI Program, the Conditional Discharge Program and the Conditional Dismissal Program. Despite varying in the criminal charges that they apply to, they are similar in that each one is an alternative to jail or prison time and result in charge dismissal. If your ...
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  • How Can Probation Be Violated?

    Being granted probation instead of jail time following a criminal conviction can feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Instead of going behind bars for a year or so, you get to stay in your home and neighborhood, living as you normally would – with a few stipulations. The average probation will come with a few or all of these common condition requirements: Regular meetings with an ...
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