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Blog Posts in February, 2019

  • Three Types of Fraud & Their Penalties

    When it comes to criminal offenses, there may not be any other offense with more types and variants than fraud. Fraud at its core is simple: attempting to deceive someone by misrepresenting yourself or something you have in order to defraud them is considered a “fraud” offense. However, how this is done can vary widely, and it seems like new types of fraud are appearing regularly. While fraud laws ...
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  • Can Your Smart Home Speaker Be Subpoenaed?

    One of the most popular tech additions to many homes is a smart home speaker with a digital assistant. The two most popular are Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes for people of different budgets. While these speakers can make life much easier and even give you control over various systems in your home with nothing more than your voice, they’ve rightfully ...
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