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Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • New Jersey woman accused of faking cancer diagnosis

    The last few years have proven to be difficult for many families in terms of their financial stability. The recession left millions of Americans without jobs. Many people continue to struggle. That has led some people to do things that they normally wouldn't. It may have even led some to commit crimes. That may have been the case for one New Jersey woman who is accused of faking a cancer diagnosis ...
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  • New Jersey police: three face drug charges, searching for fourth suspect

    Police arrested three men outside of a New Jersey Chili's Restaurant earlier this month. This comes after authorities say was a two-month investigation. The men are now facing drug charges in New Jersey of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute along with resisting arrest. Police say they are also looking for a fourth person who fled the scene. These charges are especially serious. Many ...
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  • Man faces child pornography charge in New Jersey

    A man is being accused of a very serious crime after police say he chatted with another man online and traded child pornography. The New Jersey man is charges with receiving and distributing child pornography. Police also allege the former Boy Scout leader had a relationship with a boy during the time he was an active leader. These allegations are especially serious, and could result in ...
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  • Police arrest man on sexual assault charges one year after alleged New Jersey incident

    Sometimes police use sketches and other witness statements to try to make an arrest. Many times these sketches are based on very general features that a witness to an alleged incident remembers. These sketches might be made days after an incident, making many details difficult for some people to remember. This evidence might prove to be unreliable. A man in New Jersey was arrested last week for ...
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  • New Jersey town campaign results in drunk driving arrests

    A town in New Jersey received a grant that funded a recent drunk driving prevention campaign. The campaign ran from Aug. 17 to Sept. 3, and was called "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over." According to a report, police arrested three alleged drunk drivers and five other people for different alleged crimes. These campaigns are specifically designed to target drivers that might violate the law, and ...
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  • Trenton, New Jersey mayor arrested for allegedly accepting bribes

    Public officials are constantly scrutinized. Not only are they watched by the media, but also by citizens, other government and non-government organizations. People who are in the public spotlight, either as a publicly elected official or someone who is prominent in the community are often held to a higher standard. Sometime highly criticized individuals are arrested for crimes, which might be ...
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  • New Jersey man arrested, charged with attempted murder, kidnapping

    A man was arrested this week for a crime that might seem quite out of the ordinary. Police are accusing the New Jersey man of trying to kidnap two children and throw them in front of a train. This crime garnered a lot of rapid media attention, which can harm a person's rights to a fair trial. These cases can often be complex, and it is important that all evidence is gathered and evaluated. While ...
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