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Blog Posts in July, 2018

  • Why Hire a Former Prosecutor to Defend You?

    Abraham Lincoln once said “He who represents himself has a fool for a client,” which essentially means that those who try to defend themselves against accusations of a crime are likely going to regret it. That means if you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it’s strongly advised that you find an attorney who is qualified to fight for you. However, with so many different ...
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  • Four Common Internet Crimes & Their Penalties

    When it comes to influential technology over the last couple of decades, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that the internet isn’t on the top of the list. While the worldwide web has enabled us to stay connected to each other easier and put a wealth of information right at our fingertips like never before, it’s also led to a whole new variety of crimes. While some of these offenses would never have ...
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