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Blog Posts in June, 2022

  • Plea Bargains in Criminal Cases

    What Is a Plea Bargain? A plea bargain (also referred to as plea deals or negotiated pleas) is an option that defendants can take to avoid harsh penalties for a crime. Specifically, a plea deal is an agreement between the prosecution and a defendant in which the defendant pleads guilty or no contest in exchange for: the prosecution dropping one or more charges, the reduction of their charges to a ...
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  • Shawn Harewood's Retrial Begins | Safaree Samuels Robbery Case

    Four years ago, rapper Safaree Samuels (Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend who is best known for being a star on Love & Hip Hop) was robbed at gunpoint in Fort Lee . Samuels was on the way to an interview on the Angie Martinez Show . The gunman and his accomplices stole $183,000 worth of jewelry. Samuels alleged that two men ran up to him, held him at gunpoint, and stole his jewelry. A TMZ video was later ...
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