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Blog Posts in May, 2021

  • Is Hazing a Crime?

    New Jersey Hazing Law Hazing is a type of initiation that many college students participate in. Fraternities, sororities, athletic organizations, and other student establishments on university campuses initiate members into their groups in a variety of ways, including hazing. This raises questions and concerns about the hazards and impacts of hazing. In New Jersey, a person is guilty of hazing if ...
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  • Can You Go to Jail for Accidentally Starting a Fire?

    Is Accidental Fire a Crime? The data below demonstrates how dangerous and widespread fires can be in New Jersey and nationwide. For this reason, people who start fires could be charged with arson regardless of whether or not it was an accident. In 2018, 599 fire departments reported incidents to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). Of all New Jersey fires that occurred that year, ...
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