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Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Teens may not have to register as offenders for some sex crimes

    It is a digital world and teens all across New Jersey are active participants in the electronic age. From social media accounts to email and simple phone to phone texting, teenagers are in constant contact with each other and sharing more information than ever before. Some teens have taken their affinities for sharing information over electronic channels to a new level by engaging in what some ...
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  • New Jersey woman files lawsuit against national bank

    Around the holidays it is easy for New Jersey residents to get bogged down in credit card debt. While some may have the resources to pay off their obligations quickly, others may need the help of others to secure enough cash to eliminate their debts. One place that some people look for money is private credit organizations. While some groups offer fair terms for those struggling to make ends meet, ...
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  • Hit-and-run crashes increase, often combined with drunk driving

    A new report using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that fatal hit-and-run accidents increased from 2009 to 2011. During that same period overall traffic fatalities dropped. When a person is involved in a car accident and doesn't stop, they might face serious criminal charges. If the other person involved in the accident dies, the charges might increase in ...
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  • Man arrested in New Jersey on drug charges after police raid

    Federal officials say they have arrested a man that they believed was attempting to manufacture methylenedioxyamphetmine, (MDA). The man, who investigators say is a pharmacist, was taken into custody in New Jersey on drug production charges. The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they also found weapons, ammunition and acid in a storage facility linked to ...
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  • New Jersey Chiropractor reportedly pleads guilty to fraud

    When a person is accused of fraud, they might face very serious fines and even prison time. In a recent New Jersey fraud case, a chiropractor reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree health care claims fraud. This was part of a plea agreement, in which the state will recommend tha the man serve four years in a state prison. He will also pay back $89,000 he reportedly defrauded ...
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  • Man charged with DUI allegedly caused multiple NJ accidents

    A man from another state was recently charged with drunk driving and other traffic violations after reportedly hitting multiple objects, including a light pole and a street sign. When someone is accused of driving drunk, they might face serious charges and not understand all of their rights. After a person is arrested, police might try to ask them questions regarding certain incidents and try to ...
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  • New Jersey teacher says community pressured him into guilty plea

    A former yeshiva teacher in New Jersey wants to withdraw his guilty plea after he says he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a young boy only after he was pressured to do so from his Orthodox Jewish community. The man says that the pressure and stress his community put on him to plead guilty and avoid bad publicity for their community was so great, he pleaded guilty to the crime, despite being ...
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  • Teens allegedly throw party in N.J. house, mother arrested

    The mother of a teenager who allegedly threw a party in New Jersey has been arrested after police say the mother was home during the party and should have known that alcohol and drugs were allegedly at the party. Police say they received numerous calls from neighbors complaining about the alleged party, but when they arrived, police say they belive drugs were around the property and teenagers were ...
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  • Sex offender requirements on Halloween only increase fear

    Communities across the country will celebrate Halloween Thursday. With Halloween, millions of children will likely walk the streets with friends and family, going door-to-door collecting candy for trick-or-treating. This yearly tradition has been going on for decades in the United States. During Halloween, many communities put increased restrictions on people that they deem as sexual offenders. ...
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